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Once upon a time, a girl was born in a family where education in general and language education in particular were the top priorities. Believe it or not, but the girl in question began to learn English when she was still in her mother’s womb. You may have heard that when the baby is in their mother’s womb, whatever the mother is interested in, the baby will be keen on the same thing in the future and will progress in it very quickly. So, when our heroine was in her mother’s womb, she couldn’t help but go with her to English classes. At first, the mother and her yet unborn daughter were trying hard just to learn this language; then, they started to teach it.


The girl was eventually born and brought up, never seeing a cartoon in any language except English. When this three-year-old girl was frowning because she couldn’t understand the language of the movie, her mother sat down beside her and patiently translated all the words her daughter wasn’t able to grasp. The girl was four years old when her family sent her to an English-language institute and every day they saw their daughter’s dramatic progress. In addition, they often spoke English with her at home. When the girl, now 15, finished her English course and received her certificate, she was one of the best speakers at the English institute. At the same time, the institute offered her to co-operate and teach there others, but as our heroine loved studying and was fascinated with the idea of becoming a doctor, she decided to focus on her other lessons and postpone teaching for a later time.


At the age of 19, being a nutritionist and a diet therapist, she began to learn her third foreign language, German, and still wondered why her family always insisted on her learning English and other foreign languages. So great was our heroine’s curiosity that she finally asked her parents. And that’s what they said:


‘Our dear daughter, life is not predictable and we have always wanted the best for you; but don’t forget that to achieve the best in your life, first you have to provide the foundations for it. One day you may be in the right conditions to make your big leap, but only if your foundations are strong enough, because opportunities don’t wait for a long time and you should exploit them fast. Live with your eyes wide-open and build all the foundations for your wishes before chances and opportunities knock on your door. And when they do knock, open the door and embrace them as fast as possible. We want you to know that and to teach that to your children and other people too.”


Now I am 23 years old. I’m living in Kyiv and studying medicine as my second university major; and in the near future I’m going to Germany to achieve my last goal in my education. In the meantime, I’ve decided to teach English and German to people who want to prepare foundations for a better life, for a more satisfying job, for bolder goals. I know full-well how important and valuable this teaching responsibility is. I have accepted this sweet and valuable responsibility and am completely ready to throw all my energy and efforts into BRINGING ALL THE PEOPLE CLOSER TO THEIR DREAMS.



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