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Стихи с неправильными глаголами, часть 1 (be — do):

Be, was/were, been

/biː wɔz/wɜː biːn/

My friends have been to London

But I’ve never been.


Become, became, become

/bɪ’kʌm bɪ’keɪm bɪ’kʌm/

If you want to be a president,

You will become one.


Begin, began, begun

/bɪ’gɪn bɪ’gæn bɪ’gʌn/

The lesson has begun

And it’s lots and lots of fun.


Bite, bit, bitten

/baɪt bɪt ‘bɪtn/

Mosquitos bite all people

But I’ve never been bitten.


Break, broke, broken

/breɪk brəuk ‘brəukən/

I’ve broken this vase

And my baby is woken.


Bring, brought, brought

/brɪŋ brɔːt brɔːt/

I didn’t bring a tie,

But I brought my shirt.


Buy, bought, bought

/baɪ bɔːt bɔːt/

I bought a plane ticket

And I travelled abroad.


Choose, chose, chosen

/ʧuːz ʧəuz ‘ʧəuzən/

I chose to go ice-skating,

When the river got frozen.


Come, came, come

/kʌm keɪm kʌm/

Let’s organise a party,

And the friends will come.


Cut, cut, cut

/kʌt kʌt kʌt/

I’ve cut a pear in half

And I want to crack a nut.


Deal, dealt, dealt

/diːl delt delt/

His parents dealt with him

With the help of a belt.


Do, did, done

/duː dɪd dʌn/

Some students do their homework,

I never do mine.





Стихи с неправильными глаголами, часть 2 (drive — hold):

Drive, drove, driven

[draɪv drəuv ‘drɪvən]

I’m driving a Ferrari,

What a life I’m living!


Fall, fell, fallen

[fɔːl fel ‘fɔːlən]

I fell when playing football.

Now my foot is swollen.


Feel, felt, felt

[fiːl felt felt]

I feel a bit sorry

That the snowman will melt.


Find, found, found

[faɪnd faund faund]

I found a great book

That cost just one pound.


Get, got, got

[get gɔt gɔt]

I got the gift I wanted.

I like it a lot!


Give, gave, given

[gɪv geɪv ‘gɪvən]

I gave my friend a present,

And I’m now forgiven.


Go, went, gone

[gəu went gɔn]

Let’s go to a party

And we’ll dance till dawn.


Grow, grew, grown

[grəu gruː grəun]

Children grow up,

But flowers are grown.


Have, had, had

[hæv hæd hæd]

Last week I had a problem,

That’s why I was sad.


Hear, heard, heard

[hɪə hɜːd hɜːd]

I didn’t hear the sentence,

I just heard the last word.


Hide, hid, hidden

[haɪd hɪd ‘hɪdən]

All students, hide your phones!

Smart phones are forbidden!


Hold, held, held

[həuld held held]

They held a competition,

And our team excelled.




Стихи с неправильными глаголами, часть 3 (keep — see):

Keep, kept, kept

[kiːp kept kept]

She can never keep a secret,

She’s a real threat.


Lay, laid, laid

[leɪ leɪd leɪd]

I quickly laid the table.

The dinner was at 8.


Leave, left, left

[liːv left left]

When we finally arrived,

All the guests had left.


Let, let, let

[let let let]

I want to be a vet.

Won’t you let me have a pet?


Lie, lay, lain

[laɪ leɪ leɪn]

We can finally lie down

On this sleeper train.


Lose, lost, lost

[luːz lɔst lɔst]

I’ve never lost my passport.

My wallet has been lost.


Make, made, made

[meɪk meɪd meɪd]

All things are made in China.

There must be fair trade!


Meet, met, met

[miːt met met]

I’m meeting my bank manager

To talk about my debt.


Pay, paid, paid

[peɪ peɪd peɪd]

I think you haven’t paid

For this home-made lemonade.


Put, put, put

[put put put]

I’ve put on extra kilos.

Let’s go home on foot!


Say, said, said

[seɪ sed sed]

The parents said, “It’s late!

Our kids must go to bed!”


See, saw, seen

[siː sɔː siːn]

I have seen Big Ben,

But I haven’t seen the Queen.


Стихи с неправильными глаголами, часть 4 (send — write):

Send, sent, sent

[send sent sent]

They sent me a new tent

For my scouting event!


Sing, sang, sung

[sɪŋ sæŋ sʌŋ]

I sang my favourite song

As tomatoes were flung.


Sit, sat, sat

[sɪt sæt sæt]

The yogi sat and sat

On his yoga mat.


Speak, spoke, spoken

[spiːk spəuk ‘spəuk(ə)n]

The neighbours spoke so loudly –

My kids got woken.


Spend, spent, spent

[spend spent spent]

He quickly spent the money

That his parents had sent.


Stand, stood, stood

[stænd stuːd stuːd]

He stood by the wood

In Robin Hood’s suit.


Take, took, taken

[teɪk tuk ‘teɪk(ə)n]

I’ve taken safety measures

For burglars not to break in.


Tell, told, told

[tel təuld təuld]

She told us she’d come down

With the common cold!


Think, thought, thought

[θɪŋk θɔːt θɔːt]

Let’s go abroad for Christmas!

What a brilliant thought!


Win, won, won

[wɪn wʌn wʌn]

She won the competition.

She is number one!


Write, wrote, written

[raɪt rəut ‘rɪt(ə)n]

Charles Dickens wrote a lot

About Great Britain!



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