Why isEnglish the world's 'dream' language? Well, for one thing our grammar is so sensible,

dependable and straightforward. Most languages have two or three forms for you,

depending on status, intimacy, and so on. English, democratically, has only one.

Also English has done away with all that unnecessary fuss over nouns and adjectives: masculine, feminine, singular, plural -

not to mention nominative, accusative, dative, and so on. Furthermore, English has the Present Perfect Tense which,

as its name implies, is quite simply the best tense in the world.

English has lots of prepositions, and  these are great help in global positioning systems

and personal orientation programmes. There are some unfortunate languages in the world

that don't have any prepositions at all, which can make it very difficult to find your trousers in the morning.


Another advantage of English is that it has vast vocabulary. We have lots and lots of synonyms.

For example, we have over 50 words meaning mad, at least 80 which mean drunk,

 and 231 adjectives to describe the weather. What a valuable resource for any civilisation!


Expressions to learn

Is she in the toilet or on the toilet?

Avoid saying

You don't have a word for it in English.






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