Are you eating borsch?
Вы еще не уверены, когда использовать натоящее постое (Present Simple), а когда настоящее продолжительное время (Present Continuous)? Тогда Вам СЮДА.

Перед тем, как окунуться в объяснения и упражнения, посмотрите наше короткое, смешное видео.


Present Simple



Present Continuous

I/you/we/they play football. 

He/she/it plays football.


I am playing rugby.

He/she/it is playing rugby.

You/we/they are playing rugby.

I/you/we/they don't play the piano.

He/she/it doesn't play the piano.

- I am not playing tennis.

He/she/it isn't playing tennis.

You/we/they aren't playing tennis.

Do I/you/we/they play the guitar?

Does he/she/it play the guitar?

? Am I playing the violin?

Is he/she/it playing the violin?

Are you/we/they playing the violin?

 always, usually, often, sometimes,
rarely/seldom, hardly evernever,
 from time to time, regularly, normally,
very day/month/year/week

Typical time
 now, right now, at the moment, today,
this semester/week/year/season,
currently, presently


Exercise 1. Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Continuous or Present Simple. (See correct answers below once you have finished.)

a. Usually he ____________ (read) magazines, but now he ____________ (read) an exciting book, which he can't put down.
b. We know that David Bechkam ____________ (play) football for a living. But look at him now! He ____________ (surf).
  c. I thought Prince William only ____________ (make) speeches to the British. Now he ____________ (speak) to Australian people.
  d. Why ____________ that chef ____________ (not/work)? He ____________ (talk) on the phone instead!
  e. He definitely knows what he ____________ (do).
  f. Oh poor thing! She ____________ (walk) in the rain without an umbrella or a rain coat! I always ____________ (take) an umbrella with me.
  g. We know what our boss ____________ (do) right now.
  h. What ____________ they ____________ (do)? It's 2 o'clock in the morning!
  i. Oh no! Our neighbour ____________ (sing) in the shower again. She always ____________ (sing) at 7 a.m. sharp. I don't think I can take it any longer.
  j. I usually ____________ (do) the shopping this time of the day. But now I ____________ (finish) an important report.

 Не уверены в ответах? Посмотрите видео еще раз!


KEY (Ключи)

Exercise 1. 

a. reads, is reading
b. plays, is surfing
c. makes, is speaking
d. is that chef not working, is talking
e. is doing
f. is walking, take
g. is doing
h. are they doing
i. is singing, sings
j. do, am finishing


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